Karena Aku Teman

A friend can be astrangerjust because of a jealousy.

Sometimes, my friends luckier than me, sometimes they can afford easily the things that I’m craving for, sometimes they look like ‘backstabbing’ me with their luck and happy life.

But they’re my friends. Friend is a precious thing. Something that I should cherish and treasure well. And they don’t deserve my jealousy and narrow-mind.

But I am their friend. I’ll silently bury my jealousy, don’t reveal any status updates which indicating my pathetic side and playing victim over their happiness. Everything is okay and I wouldn’t bring them any unpleasant feeling. Let them feel happy cause their luck isn’t their fault, at all.

And because we’re friend, we’re being so considerate to each other.


A day after my thesis proposal getting wrecked

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