How Do You…

… keep your pride even you got the job you dont really want since it’s socially considered as low-paid job and not ‘fancy’ enough?

I went through this experience, exactly nowadays since I am in the middle of the training this job required. On the firs fay of 3 days worth training, the mentor said this kind of sentence:

“Dont consider this profession as a shame, you need to hold your pride strongly cz you got through the training and examinition this job needed beforehand.  There is someone who got his bachelor title and said that this job must be ‘proud’ since, he, the bachelor degree holder decided to take this job. But, nope. This job itself that chosen its worker. This job is something that doesnt need high education title but, fun fact, this job need the best character possible from a worker. Diligence, honesty, dedication and responsibility. And be proud! You’re chosen, you’re honored to be a part of this.”

And I’m honoured. It’s a relief that I got to see the different perspective. There aren’t any halal job that ‘more honorable’ or ‘less one’. Every job runs for its purpose and you’re part of this world balance. You need to take your pride and source of happiness into a whole new level. Be proud and don’t feel any shame since every of you already got your own important job and there’s no one who can belittle you over this petty things. 

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